WIlbur Allen of Missing In Alaska, Been Moss & Tony Angiola of Hanger One and Norm Gagnon of UFO's Over Earth

 are now RIP Richmond Investigators of the Paranormal Team Members!

Welcome aboard guys, it is truly an honor to have you on Our RIP Team

2/18/16 Thursday @ 9 PM (EST) We're Back with another Special Guest! On Comcast Channel 95!


That is other than the amazing un-doctored photos exhibited above

1. A dis-embodied entity was heard by several investigators to exhale at the back edge of the property

2. A cloaked figure was seen standing at the front of one of our vehicles before it turned, walked away and disappeared.

3. An invisible entity lifted a car door handle several times trying to gain entry into a car with one of our guest attendees

(The Attendee is a Retired Police Officer who was very shaken up by that very creepy experience)


R.I.P. Paranormal Talk Radio Show




Talks The Talk & They Walk The Paranormal Walk as

Lead Investigators for the RIP Team... Richmond Investigators of the Paranormal headquartered in Richmond Va. Both use their professional backgrounds to investigate all types of paranormal activity to either prove or disprove its presence. They then bring those and other peoples story's to life on RIP-PTR! 

KB with Former Gov. Jim Gilmore politicin' as a Write In

Candidate for President 2016 at this past weekends 

Mechanicsville Parade. Sorry Big Ray wasn't able to 

make it but they both did a fine job out there Sunday.

Good Luck Gov. Gilmore in your run for the Presidency!

1. Because 3 out of 4 people believes in the paranormal  2. 50% of those people have experienced the paranormal  3. People want to tell their stories

4. People all over the planet wants to hear those stories  5. The public listens to paranormal shows like ours longer than any other kind of show out there

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RIP - Paranormal Talk Radio Show

A Few Of Our Show Special Guests

Big Ray & KB



A Few Of Our Very Cool Paranormal Captures

Yes, you've probably noticed we've changed the name of Our Show from "The Ghost Raps Show" to "The RIP Paranormal Talk Ra-Podio Show" Other than that nothing has changed.

BIG RAY & KB will be bringing you the same level of entertainment, special guests and spooky eerie astounding stories that will amaze you as most are beyond believing but are true and factual.

Here are some scenes from our recent investigation in Henico County Va.

The cameras are digital before and after shots show nothing like you see here.

If its camera movement why isn't everything double imaged?

In the photo that shows what looks like what could be angels or nuns on the left,

one of the figures that looks strikingly just like me, Big Ray.

(I feel sorry for an angel or a nun with a mug like mine)

We can't explain that nor the ectoplasic lightening bolt, nor the ground being

illuminated, also our investigator is not holding a flashlight!

2/11/16 - Thursday @ 9 PM We're back tuning up on Comcast Channel 95. Be sure to tune in as we go back to TV for 5 more weeks of Paranormal Activity.

Where the Paranormal is Normal

RIP -Paranormal Talk  Radio 

Big Ray

& KB

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