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 Big Ray & KB delivers an authentic, down to earth entertaining experience. For over 1/2 a decade, they have been filling the AM & FM Radio Airwaves with amazing stories of the supernatural. They will have you peeking out from under your covers but unable to stop listening to amazing tales of the supernatural. Beware! Just when you thought you would be crying in fear of what's under your bed  they will have you laughing your head off, literally!

Tune in every week so you can hear their story's and the story's of many actors, producers, authors, psychics, mediums, witches, ghost hunters, ufo chasers and others like yourself. 

That's right, there's a call in segment! So you too can call in and tell the universe about Your Supernatural Encounters!

BIG RAY & KB lets their souls  glow at different venues.

They may be available to attend yours. 

Contact them now so they can discuss attending your event!

Big Ray, KB & the RIP Team has been investigating the paranormal since the turn of the century. They have all experienced many forms of paranormal activity  from UFO's, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Ectoplasmic Mists to Full Body Apparitions. Therefore their encounters have ranged from the mundane and almost predictable to awe inspiring and horrifying encounters that no one really understands nor totally comprehends. 

Check out our "Paranormal Captures" page for some evidence that will have you wondering is that real?

Yes! Everything you see is real, nothing has been doctored or photo shopped in any way what-so-ever!

RIP - Paranormal Talk Radio Show

About Big Ray & KB's Investigations


It's important to know what goes on in the world. Things are going on around you both day and night that you may not be able to see. Should you be afraid? Tune in to find out. Big Ray, KB, Their Special Guests and Callers will clue you in. 

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