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A Few Of Our Past Special Guests

Big Ray & KB

KB on Facebook

The Great

 Keith Van Allen

Did this Fantastic Work of Art for Us. Thank You

So Very Much

Keith. We are

Very Humbled

You Would

take the Time

Out of Your

Life to Present Us with this Wonderful

Gesture of Friendship!

Big Ray & KB

RIP-PTR this week has another special guest that has had many many paranormal encounters .... Ms Gina Marie!

Gina's a friend of ours and she's going to keep us entertained like you will not believe. 

Listen to us live here on our website or if you

have a strong enough constitutional you can watch

us live by clicking on the Facebook link below...

RIP-PTR 2017


RIP-PTR 2018




RIP PTR FRIDAY 9/14/2018

RIP PTR FRIDAY 9/21/2018

7/21/17  John Edmonds

7/28/17  Tri-City Paranormal

8/04/17  Keith Van Allen

8/11/17  Rhino Michaels

8/18/17  Paranormal Team: C.R.O.P.

8/25/17  Ed Becker 

9/01/17  Kenny Zink

​9/08/17  9 PM Jeff Mudgett

              10 PM Dave Spinks​

​9/15/17 9 PM Frankie Ray

              10 PM Rayster Michaels

9/22/17  David "Chocolate Cake Guy"

​9/29/17  Ripley's Believe Or Not

10/06/17 Darrin Wedlock

​10/13/17 Live: Dead City Haunted Trail

     Special Guest: Keith Morgan

10/20/17 Live: Dead City Haunted Trail

      Special Guest: Tom Hawks Blood

10/27/17 Haunts of Richmond

       From A Haunted Site With

        Live Updates During The Show 

11/03/17 Shari Marie DeBennedetti

11/10/17 Julia Siracusa

11/17/17 Terri Rhode ESP

11/24/17Happy Thanksgiving-No Show

12/01/17 Michael Robinson

​12/08/17 Gina Bergston

12/15/17 Tommy Hawksblood

RIP Paranormal Christmas Event 

12/19/17 RIP TV @ 730 PM (EST)

12/20/17 RIP TV @ 730 PM (EST)

12/21/17 RIP TV @ 730 PM (EST)

​​​12/22/17Merry Christmas-No Show

​12/29/17 Happy New Year-No Show


Early Morning Ghost Story

With Big Ray - M thru F @ 730 AM (ET)

​​​​2018 Continued
7/06/18 Mary Williamsen

7/10/18 RIP-PTV: Leon Wilkes

7/13/18 Shelia Kelly

7/17/18 RIP-PTV: Daniel Beniot

7/20/18 Wilbur Allen & Rhino Michaels

7/24/18 RIP-PTV Jason Creachbaum, Jr.

7/27/18 Dr Jonthan Reed

8/03/18 We're On A Mini Vacation Tonight

8/10/18 Open Mike Night

8/17/18 Mike Wooley: Bigfoot-Skookum

8/24/18 Hang Out With Big Ray & KB

8/31/18 Lynn & Ken of WCPI

9/07/18 Gina Marie

9/14/18 RIP-PTR: Hang Out Night

9/21/18 Simon Entwistle 

9/28/18 Night Off- We're On Vacation

10/05/18 Denise & Mike Fox

    Live from a Haunted Log Cabin


    Live from Dodge City Haunted Lodge

10/19/18 Tena Marie

     Live from Dodge City Haunted Lodge

10/26/18 Richmond Ghost Stories

     Live from Dodge City Haunted Lodge

11/02/18 Leon Wilkes

11/09/18 Jason Creachbaum Jr


11/23/18 Happy Thanksgiving


12/07/18 Keith Ross

12/14/18 Kathy





On RIP-PTR We Bring You The Best Paranormal Experiences From Around The Universe.....



October  Friday's 10/12 & 10/19 & 10/26

We'll be at the Dead City Haunted Trail

@ 6 PM (ET) & Streaming RIP-PTR Live

Starting @ 10 PM with Our Special Guests!

RIP-PTR Is A Rusty ButterKnife Production

You've probably noticed we've changed the name of Our Show from

"The Ghost Raps Show" to the "The RIP Paranormal Talk Radio Show"

Other than that nothing has changed.

BIG RAY & KB will be bringing you the same level of entertainment,

special guests and spooky eerie astounding stories that will amaze

you as most are beyond believing but are true and factual.

A Few Of Our Very Cool Paranormal Captures

1/05/18 Rebecca Genesis-P.I.
1/12/18 9 PM   Jeff Belanger-Director

               10 PM Jerry Weinstock-Author
1/19/18 Nicole Beach- P.I.
1/26/18 Wilbur Allen- Ufologist
2/02/18 John Titor -Time Travelor
2/09/18 Nicole Beach- OWSATS
2/16/18 Aaron Oakes- Lone Wolf P.I.
2/23/18 Nick Redfern- Author

3/02/18 Dave Scott- Big Foot Researcher

3/09/18 Mark Anthony- Author/Attorney

3/16/18 Mike & Destiny Fox 


​3/30/18 Vinnie Vinyard= Funk Master V

4/06/18 Dr McKinley & Wilbur Allen

4/13/18 Douglas E Noll


4/27/18 Nicole Ferro & Chris Gostkowski

5/04/18 Kristin Holmes

5/11/18 Jeanette Tulippe

5/18/18 Frankie Ray

5/25/18 John Titor

6/01/18 Jeff Santos

6/08/18 Jim Krut

6/15/18 Kelly Chalke

6/22/18 Kristin Holmes

6/29/18 Keith Morgan 

RIP-PTR's special guest this week is... Wesley Fox! Wesley was once haunted by demonic entity, but now he helps the ones be haunted. Two of his cases were on the hit television series a haunting season 7 ep7 and season 8 ep 1. When he isn't helping the ones being haunted he is giving ghost tours in downtown Columbus Ohio. He is also an author of several books including house of echoes: a nightmare in the attic, and House of echoes 2 full circle, just to name a few.

RIP-PTR will be a go as regardless of Hurricane Flo! Several people had the chance to call in to tell everyone about their stormy relationship with the supernatural. Be sure to listen in or watch us here on our website

Murder & Mayhem Ran Rampant ​

at a Log Cabin in Mechancisville Va claiming

the lives of several poor children


1/06/17  Kadrosh Ona

1/13/17  Amy Buchanan

1/20/17  Lina Rueba

1/27/17  Nick Redfern

2/03/17  Stanton Friedman

2/10/17  Miss Tena Marie- Our Psychic

2/17/17  Ted Lange

2/24/17  Cristopher St. Booth

3/03/17  Ken Gerhard

3/10/17  Steven Hudgeons, Jr

3/15/17  Wilbur Allen

3/17/17  Daniel Benoit

3/22/17  Debbie Perkins

3/24/17  Xaviant Haze

3/29/17  Norman Gagnon

3/31/17  Byron Clone & Bobby Davis

4/05/17  Miss Tena Marie- Our Psychic

4/07/17  Lizard Lick Towing Crew

4/12/17  Mike Preston

4/14/17  Harvey Althaus

4/21/17  Rev. William Lively

4/28/17  Sherry Emily

5/05/17  Steve Bassett

5/12/17  Tony Ford

5/19/17  Alan R Warren

5/26/17  Gavin Kelly & Paula Purcell

6/02/17 Morgana Starr
6/09/17  Nancy Planeta
6/16/17  Josie Varga

6/23/17 Mike Ricksecker

6/24/17  ECBRO Bigfoot Hunt

6/30/17 Kevin Thompson

​7/07/17  Dave Guddy

7/14/17  Va Paranormal Investigations
 and @  11 PM  Our RIP Wilbur Allen


 October  5th Friday @ 6 PM (ET)

We'll be at a Cabin in Mechanicsville Va

where horrible murders of children took place.

And we'll be stream RIP-PTR Live @ 10PM (et) to

relay our experiences and bring you

Our Special Guest Denise & Michael Fox

stories of their paranormal encounters to boot!


ALL of these great guys are now ...

(RIP) Richmond Investigators of the Paranormal Team Members!
Welcome aboard guys, it is truly an honor to have you on Our RIP Team.

​* WIlbur Allen

Missing In Alaska, Former Engineer on Air Force 1, UFO Expert​​

* Been Moss & Tony Angiola

MUFON of TV Show "Hanger One"

* Norm Gagnon

MUFON and TV Show "UFO's Over Earth"

Talks The Talk & They Walk The Paranormal Walk

as Lead Investigators for the RIP Team... Richmond Investigators

of the Paranormal headquartered in Richmond Va. Both use their

professional backgrounds to investigate all types of paranormal

activity to either prove or disprove its presence. They then bring

those and other peoples story's to life on RIP-PTR! 

RIP PTR FRIDAY 9/07/2018